Let’s talk about public transportation.

I’ve been a devoted Portland transit rider since 2010, when I moved back to Oregon from the south.

I LOVE taking public transportation, but sometimes it’s a struggle. Mostly because there are some riders who really don’t give a shit about bus etiquette.

I care deeply about bus etiquette.

Over the years I’ve collected some fun, outrageous, infuriating and confusing transit stories. I love sharing them with fellow riders as well as friends and colleagues who shy away from public transportation. (My family is real sick of me talking about the bus at dinner.)

I thought it would be fun to start collecting and sharing stories from aaaalllllll over the world. I know Portland is actually pretty tame compared to other cities and I wanna hear that juicy shit.

So, I’m launching a podcast – Today on the Bus. I’ll share a couple of my own stories, have some special guests share their stories and, hopefully, I can share yours too.

If you want to hear your story read out loud, email it to todayonthebuspc@gmail.com. If writing it out for me to read just won’t do it justice, leave me a message here: 971-319-1706. I’ll play your story on the show!

Can’t wait to get this party started. I’m in the process of compiling stories so expect to see the first episode sometime the week of April 3!


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