dedicated Portland public transit rider since 2010, I commute to and from work via the bus daily.

Originally from a rural town on the Oregon coast, I spent my formative years in Alabama thanks to the timber industry taking a nose-dive in the 90s. My family moved to Alabama in 1999 and I was there for high school and college.

After wrapping up school I booked it back to my home state and settled in Portland, along with my sisters and parents. My parents are both native Portlanders and were never really comfortable in the south.

I own a car, but after landing two part-time jobs that required a daily commute between Hillsboro and Gresham I started to feel pollution guilt and intense road-rage. After a year of commuting, I found full-time work downtown and vowed never to drive to work again. Why bother when you can take the MAX, right? Also downtown parking is fucking expensive and I ain’t made of money.

November 2010 was when my public transportation journey truly began, although I’ve since moved on from the MAX and now exclusively ride the bus if I can help it.

My bus encounters aren’t extreme or unique but they sure have had an impact on me. 40 minutes in the morning, and 40 minutes (if I’m lucky) in the evenings Monday through Friday is a lot of time to spend with strangers and I love to talk about it. I like to share the good times and complain about the bad times.

I’m not entirely sure what pushed me to start this podcast. I think I was partly inspired by the My Favorite Murder  mini-episodes, where fans of the show get to share their hometown murders. I was also inspired by my colleagues who I force to listen to my bus stories every morning. Countless workdays have begun with, “Today on the bus…”

Public transportation stories aren’t quite us fucked up as MURDER, of course, but they sure are entertaining to listen to and talk about so I thought, why the fuck not, you know?

Also I’m a talker. And I love to read things out loud. So this is a great outlet for me. And I’d like to think of myself as a creative person, but I have zero talents artistically, so this scratches that itch for me too.

ANNNYWAYYYY this is probably the longest about me ever written? But like I said I’m a talker. So there you have it, that’s what’s up with this podcast. Please send your stories in so I can read them out loud and feel creative and important!

Thank you.